We're VTVCorp

The mission of a social enterprise seems to be linked to the mission of the activities for the community of the people who form it.
Through each stage of development, our mission seems to be growing up with the unpredictable challenges of society, of the people and of the country. 
Every single project or campaign that we deployed solves a visible social problem. Actually, it is a long journey that is more meaningful and sustainable. Because we know that you are one of the companions and understand it more than anyone else - as us. 
The journey which is formed from the first steps, from the smallest and simplest actions, creates the great connections to change what we do not even expect.

We engage clients and consumers in three areas:

  • Strategy to executetion
  • Content and Production
  • Link with media channels
CSR Activation
  • Creative to the big idea
  • Associated with the brand mission
  • Planning to implementing
  • Connecting businesses to the community
  • Creative to the concept
  • Planning to executetion
  • Management and report


  • Nguyễn Tuấn Khởi
  • Ms.Thúy An
  • Ms.Phan Đoài
    HR Manager
  • Ms.Mai Quý
    Event Operations
  • Mr. Trung Dũng
    Operations Officer
  • Ms.Trúc Linh
    Marketing Director
  • Ms.Việt Trinh
    Content Writer
  • Mr.Thanh Thảo
  • Mr.Lê Hoài
    Content Writer
  • Mr.Kha Phạm
  • Ms. Huỳnh Trân
    Content Writer
  • Ms. Ngoan Bùi
    Content Writer
  • Ms.Thanh Phụng
    Account Executive

How we work

Community Benefits
  • Across our network. Through our disciplines. And with our clients. We remove the borders between our people and our process to create work that is more efficient, more impactful, and more enjoyable than ever before.
Balance Motivation
  • Brands need people. And people need brands. So by always understanding the balance between business needs and human motivations, we create solutions that transform the lives and futures of both.
Always Innovate
  • Our entire agency is united by and entrepreneurial drive to innovate. So whether our challenge is to transform business, design immersive experiences, or activate new audiences, we push what's possible. Not just to make something new, but to make what's next
Sustainable Coop
  • Campaign and Media Planning
  • Campaign Creation
  • Conversion Optimization and Management